Facebook, Google, Amazon… Are they too big?

Facebook, Google, Amazon… Are they too big?

January 1, 2018 (STL.News) For over 10-years now, the undisputed kings of the technology world have been Facebook, Amazon, and Google. When one rolls out a new development, the other two try to immediately copy it. If one comes up with a robot first, the other two create a different kind of robot, with improvements that encourage continual competition and development between the three. But, between this competition over the years now, it leaves some wondering if these three monstrous companies are getting too big.

Google answers our every query today, Facebook keeps us connected with friends and family around the world, and Amazon satisfies our every consumer itch. Combined, Facebook, Google, and Amazon are worth a whopping $1.6 trillion. The criticism comes from pundits in every corner, with Conservatives arguing that Facebook is censoring their news, to the left throwing insults at Google for silencing workers on controversial topics.

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From these headlines, consumers have developed fears. They don’t trust the computer algorithms that determine what Facebook updates they get to see from their friends. They also wonder what filters Google is using to prevent certain results from reaching certain users. And then there’s Amazon, the everything store. Most people today are worried that Amazon will put every single brick and mortar business out of location in the coming years. Monopoly companies are on the horizon, and Americans aren’t sure if the government needs to step in and break up the conglomerates like it did over 100-years ago.

“It’s a catch-22,” lamented one Amazon user. She said that we are trading short-term convenience in over long-term troubles. It may be easier to order something with the click of a mouse, but what about a future in which all we have to shop on is an Amazon platform?

Only time will tell as the three continue to vie for the dominant spot.


By Alexandra R. Fasulo – published on STL.News by St. Louis Media, LLC (MS) – Google News Technology STL.News

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