Elijah Haahr is the serving Speaker Pro Tempore of the Missouri House of Representatives, beginning the position in January of 2017.  Prior to taking on this current position, he served as a member of the Missouri House of Representatives.  Originally from Missouri, he currently lives in Springfield with his family.  Haahr is a member of the Republican party.

Personal Life of Elijah Haahr

Haahr was born in Missouri and raised on a farm by his father, a former teacher, and his mother, a former social worker.  Haahr was home-schooled by their parents all through high school when he and his family decided to move further into the country to a new far they had purchased.  During this time, he worked with this father’s construction business, as well as helping on the farm.  Haahr officially finished his high school education in 1999.

Upon graduation, Haahr decided to attend Ozarks Technical Community College to which he was granted a scholarship.  During his time at the community college, Haahr worked hard to maintain a high average and was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa Honor’s Society.  In 2002, he graduated from Ozarks Technical Community College with his Associate of Arts degree.

Haahr then transferred to Missouri Western State University where he was given a full-tuition scholarship.  In 2005, he graduated with his undergraduate degrees in History and Government & Public Affairs. During his time at Missouri Western State University, Haahr took the LSAT exam and decided he wanted to venture off into law school.  Eventually, he decided upon the University of Missouri School of Law, where he studied for the next three years.  In 2008, he graduated with honors and passed the Missouri Bar Exam.

Haahr currently resides in Springfield, Missouri.  He is married to wife Amanda and is father to four children: Jackson, Regan, Scarlett and Alexandra.  He is also a member of the National Rifle Association

Career of Elijah Haahr

After graduating with his law degree and passing the Missouri Bar Exam, Haahr went on to practice law for Lathrop Gage, taking on both state and federal cases.  He is also very active in his local Springfield community and serves as a member of the Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association.

In 2012, Haahr ran for a position in the Missouri House of Representatives.  He received 56% of the votes with 9,227 whereas Democratic candidate James M. Owen only received 44% of the votes.

On January 9, 2013, Haahr assumed his position as a member of the Missouri House of Representatives from the 134th district.  In 2014, he ran for reelection and won 64% of the votes over Democratic candidate Kevin Knox who only received 36% of the votes with 2,909.  In 2016, he ran for reelection again and won with 58% of the votes over Democratic candidate Angela Dowler Pryor, who received 37% of the votes, and Libertarian candidate Daniel A. Romine, who received 4% of the overall votes.  On January 4, 2017, took on the position Speaker Pro Tempore of the Missouri House of Representatives.  During his time in the Missouri House of Representatives, Haahr is also credited with being the chair of the Emerging Issues Committee.