Mike Flamion


Dine Out for Ballwin Police Officer, Mike Flamion

ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) Ballwin Police Officer Mike Flamion was shot in the back after a routine traffic stop in July 2016.  The shooters name shall not be mentioned again by this publication out of respect to officer Flamion and the Ballwin Police Department.  However, out of respect and compassion for officer Flamion, we will do all we can do to help bring awareness to this charitable event to help raise funds for Flamions’ family because he will need long term medical care.

The world frequently appears to have come to a incomprehensible level of violence, hate, greed and just lack of respect for man-kink.  Then something like this happens and you witness the love and compassion that still exist in the world and delivers what so many people need; hope.  This small community is setting examples that should be shouted throughout the world.  People actually looking out for others, helping others and most importantly, respecting each other.  To date the GoFundMe Page that was started to help the family with a goal of $360,000 has raised $357,149.  Impressive!

Furthermore, please don’t forget about the Dine Out event this coming Monday, September 12th, 2016.  This event will be held the second Monday of each month throughout the end of this year.  Who knows, maybe somebody will come up with the idea of making the second Monday of every month a day to remember and help the Flamion family.  Let’s hope so!

We kindly ask that if you plan on eating out on these days to please visit one of the participating restaurants to help benefit this family that has been cursed with a terrible situation.

During an interview with Bob Candice, manager of Candicci’s Restaurant, his statement was simple and sincere “the community is obligated to help these people, but more importantly, we should want to help this family”.

The dates are as follows: Monday September 12, Monday October 10, Monday November 14 and Monday December 12.

Participating Restaurants:

  • Candicci’s Restaurant and Bar – Ballwin
  • Krieger’s Sports Grill – Ballwin
  • Lazy River Grill – Ballwin
  • Yellowstone Café – Chesterfield
  • The Wolf – Ballwin
  • 6 North Café – Ballwin
  • Big Bear – Wildwood
  • Callier’s Deli – Ballwin
  • Dairy Queen – Twin Oaks
  • Firehouse Subs – Ballwin
  • Lion’s Choice – Ballwin
  • Papa Murphy’s – Twin Oaks
  • Papa Murphy’s – Wildwood
  • McDonald’s at below locations:
  • Ballwin – 15204 Manchester Rd
  • Ellisville – 15901 Manchester Rd
  • Chesterfield – 1701 Clarkson Rd
  • 13559 Oive – Olive & Hwy 141
  • Chesterfield – Long Rd
  • Chesterfield – 101 Lamp Village
  • Manchester – 14026 Manchester Rd
  • Des Peres – 12120 Manchester Rd
  • Valley Park – 13600 Big Bend