Despite Change, Quality Agents Remain Signature Real Estate Companies’ Target Market


BOCA RATON, FLA./ MARCH 21, 2019 (STL.News)

Let’s face it. The real estate industry can make mountains of men (and women), but only those agents at the top of their game and who make quick studies within The Signature Real Estate Companies’ corporate culture, survive and thrive in real estate done right.

This past week The Signature Real Estate Companies (Signature) dismissed 77 agents due to underwhelming performance in the field, proof positive that a Signature agent mustn’t rest on his/her laurels. Signature is all about the results.

“Signature is more concerned with the success and profitability of our individual agents than we are keeping unnecessary quantities of agents on our books. While others try to monetize agents by ‘fee-ing’ them to death [for example desk fees, franchise fees, monthly fees, training fees, E&O fees, etc.], Signature provides every conceivable resource and tool at no cost to our agents, so each one can increase their books of business, generate more revenues, which ultimately produces more profits for both the brokerage and the agents,” says Signature Broker/President, Ben G. Schachter, in a recent interview.

This move is completely contrary to most other brokerages that hire absolutely anyone and keep just about everyone. Signature prides itself on being unusually selective and holding agents to high expectations.
With its fee-free, agent-centric career development model, the company has provided the groundwork and evened the playing field for agents for the past 13 years.

Schachter—who in his late 20s learned through hard knocks the peaks and valleys of life as an agent—is now a powerhouse who’s earned a spot as a Florida Top-50 Broker, propelled his ground-up TotalBrokerage software platform as a finalist for Inman’s 2018 “Innovation of the Year,” and piloted his company’s standing as the #1 brokerage in Boca Raton, #22 in Florida and #335 nationwide (according to 2017 REAL Trends 500 ranking for transaction sides).

Steady leadership with comprehensive strategies taught daily with accountability expectations, these comprise the elements for lasting power whether you’re newly licensed or seasoned in the field. Retention of top talent is the true test for real estate brokerage professional development programming.

The Real Deal reported recently that in 2018 Signature had less than a 25 percent turnover rate, as compared to other large luxury brokerage companies in South Florida’s tri-county expanse.

While not every agent makes the Signature “cut,” Schachter is optimistic; The Signature Family is on pace to continue its exponential growth with its white-glove touch to making real estate deals blossom 24/7. It’s 5,000 of the most gifted agents he’s seeking, and you might be one of these.

Learn more about The Signature Real Estate Companies,, (561) 302-9099.


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