Deadly Combo-SU 30 MKI Armed with Brahmos Hits Target

Deadly Combo-SU 30 MKI Armed with Brahmos Hits Target in Bay of Bengal

(STL.News) Indian Air Force has carried out yet another successful test firing of air-launched BrahMos supersonic cruise missile from Sukhoi-Su 30 MKI fighter.  The BrahMos was launched to target a ship in the Bay of Bengal around 4000 km or 2485 miles away.  It was the longest-range test of the fighter-missile combo conducted by Indian Air Force.

This is the second time that the missile has been successfully test-fired from an aircraft.

The jet used in the test was from the Thanjavur-based Tigersharks squadron and it took off from Halwara airbase in Punjab

It is important to note that IAF squadron in Thanjavur is a specialist squadron that has a maritime role.  The squadron is also known as the ‘dominator of the Indian Ocean Region’ is armed with air launched BrahMos.

To cover the distance, the Su-30 MKI needed multiple refueling by Ilyushin-78 midair refueling aircraft.

In this video Defense Updates analyze how Sukhoi-30 MKI armed with BrahMos -A hitting target 4000 km or 2485 miles is a terrible news for China ?

YouTube video is provided courtesy of Defense Update

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