David Lombardo of LOaltitude

David Lombardo
David “LO” Lombardo is an aviation influencer that initially came to prominence on the satirical aviation website ‘ATC Memes’. By using satire and comedy, he has been able to amass a following of almost one million across multiple platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and others. Sitting down with David Lombardo in Manhattan in October 2019, I was able to get some words of advice from the influencer who get’s almost 10M impressions per month.
What would you recommend to someone who is trying to make their content spread virally?
“The number one thing I tell people is just don’t be boring! It is important to really know your craft and your industry. The number one thing that will keep people coming back is just be remarkable. In doing so, before you know, people will actually want to follow what you’re doing and creating. And people really vibe off that. I try to constantly learn from talented people, too. There is always so much to learn.”