Dave Schatz

Background of Missouri State Senator, Dave Schatz

Dave Schatz is a Republican U.S. State Senator representing the 26th District of Franklin and West St. Louis Counties in Missouri.  Born in 1963, Senator Schatz was raised in Sullivan, Missouri.  He graduated from Sullivan High School in 1982, where he received his Diploma.  Early in his adult life, Schatz planted roots in Sullivan, becoming the Vice- President of a family-owned contracting business, Schatz Underground, Inc., and owning and operating several small businesses in the community.  While being an active member of his community, he saw the possibility of furthering his contributions to the state of Missouri and ran for the Missouri State House of Representatives to represent the 61st District in Missouri.  He was elected to the Missouri State House of Representatives in 2010.  After serving two terms representing the 61st District, Schatz ran for the Missouri State Senate.  Senator Schatz was first elected to the Senate in 2014 by beating out Democratic candidate Lloyd Klinedinst by a 73-point margin.

Legislative History of Dave Schatz

As a member of the Missouri State Senate, Senator Schatz practices the values he discussed during his candidacy; integrity, family values, and community.  He is an active member in the Senate, holding sitting memberships in several committees that include the Committee on Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment, and the Committee on Economic Development.  In addition, Senator Schatz is the Chairman of the Committee on Transportation, Infrastructure, and Public Safety, and the Senate Interim Committee on Labor Reform, while acting as Vice-Chairman on the Committee on Government Reform and the 21st Century Missouri Transportation System Task Force.  Senator Schatz’s experience working in the family business has undoubtedly played a significant role in his legislative agenda. Schatz Underground, Inc. is an effective telecommunications systems and underground construction business.  Contributing significantly to the integral telecommunications network in the state of Missouri has provided Senator Schatz with the expertise and experience necessary to be a significant player in the infrastructure debate on the floor of the Missouri State Senate.

Senator Schatz has sponsored bills promoting transportation safety, critical infrastructure protection, and best labor practices throughout his tenure in the Missouri State Senate.  Aligning his background and experience with the interests of the citizens of Missouri, Schatz has found success and popularity among his constituents in the 26th Senatorial District.


Currently, Senator Schatz resides in his hometown of Sullivan, Missouri, with his wife, Chara.  Schatz is a proud father of five and a proud grandfather of two.  In addition to his legislative duties, Schatz is a lifetime member of the NRA, an active member in his local parish, the Temple Baptist Church, and a former youth sports coach.  In addition, he once served on the Board of the Spring Bluff School District.  By serving his community for several decades, Senator Schatz has fostered a deep understanding of the concerns of the citizens of Missouri and has effectively passed legislation aimed at bettering Franklin and West St. Louis Counties and the state of Missouri as a whole.  Senator Schatz is currently in the middle of his first four-year term in the Missouri State Senate.