Construction projects in Ellisville, MO

ST. LOUIS, MO/December 31, 2016 (STLRealEstate.News) Ellisville is a hot community for building projects right now. The intersection at Manchester Rd and Clarkson appears to be the hottest spot. The intersection is already home to McDonald’s, AT&T Store, Jimmy John’s, CVS Pharmacy and in a few weeks, QT and Popeyes will be open, making it the hottest intersection in Ellisville.

The QT is anticipated to open around the end of January 2017 according to sources onsite, but that date has not been confirmed by QT.

At 15909 Manchester Rd, just west of the McDonald’s, will be the new location of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, which according to the appearance shouldn’t be more than a few weeks to a couple of months from completion.



Popeyes, Ellisville, MO - West St. Louis County
Popeyes, Ellisville, MO – West St. Louis County

Just a few blocks to the east is a new Arby’s located at 15909 Manchester Rd and Children’s Learning Center across the street. Perfect for dropping the kids, picking them up, grab some fast food and everybody is happy.

A few blocks north on Clarkson is a new Chick-Fil-A that appears to be close to its completion. It appears that it will be opening in a few weeks, but no confirmation has been obtained.

If you live in Ellisville and like fast food, you will soon have plenty of new choices. Don’t forget that QT has some great food as well.

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Chick-Fil-A, Ellisville, MO
Chick-Fil-A, Ellisville, MO

Further west is a new apartment complex called Aventura at Towne Centre Apartments with what appears to be hundreds of apartments right off Manchester Rd at 16318 Truman Rd, Ellisville, MO. While the economy is still sluggish, Ellisville, MO certainly appears to have done a few things right to attract all of this building that has brought millions of dollars to the community. We have one concern relating to the Manchester Rd and Clarkson intersection; traffic! Manchester Road is a very busy street now, but when all of these new locations are open, will it be too much traffic for Ellisville? I’m certain that all of this was taken into consideration at the time. Let’s hope their estimates were correct.

Aventura at Towne Centre Apartments, Ellisville, MO
Aventura at Towne Centre Apartments, Ellisville, MO
Aventura at Towne Centre Apartments, Ellisville, MO
Aventura at Towne Centre Apartments, Ellisville, MO


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