ConnectM Technology Solutions Inc., Indoor Climate and Health Solutions Company, Acquires Keen Home Inc

MARLBOROUGH, MASS. (STL.News) – ConnectM Technology Solutions Inc., the indoor climate and health solutions company, has today announced the acquisition of Keen Home Inc. Providing a wide range of industry-leading residential smart HVAC zoning products, the New York City-based business supports ConnectM’s continued growth plans and accelerates entry into new and contiguous markets.

Along with the 2017 acquisition of Ecovent Corporation, the acquisition of Keen Home positions ConnectM as one of the industry’s leading providers of indoor climate and health solutions. Although both product offerings are similar, the Keen Zoning System has the flexibility to intelligently regulate airflow either on a room-by-room basis or for the entire home. With a larger share of the smart HVAC zoning market, ConnectM can now position itself to not only work directly with the homeowner, but also collaborate with smart home builders and HVAC manufacturing companies. In addition to residential offerings, ConnectM’s product line includes commercial HVAC lifecycle care options designed to reduce energy consumption and repair and replacement costs for expensive commercial HVAC equipment. Adding the Keen Home product line to its offerings puts ConnectM at the forefront of indoor air quality and comfort solutions in both residential and commercial markets.

“Keen Home provides an exciting opportunity for ConnectM and specifically, Ecovent, our other residential line of smart vents,” explains Bhaskar Panigrahi, ConnectM’s CEO. “The additional product line strengthens and extends the services currently offered by both Ecovent and ConnectM and enhances our product offerings by providing a solution to a problem that many homes face today—a single room being overly hot or cold. Already installed in thousands of homes across the U.S. and Canada, the acquisition of Keen Home supports our shared vision to meet the increasing needs of the ‘smart homeowner.’ as well as offering more services and integrations with existing smart home thermostats such as Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell Lyric, and Sensi.”

The acquisition of Keen Home supports ConnectM’s plans for growth with a vision to become the smart vent company of choice for homeowners requiring multi-room smart zoning without the exorbitant expense of professionally installed traditional zoning systems.

Nayeem Hussain, Keen Home’s CEO also commented on the acquisition adding, “ConnectM’s acquisition of Keen Home provides stability for our existing customer base, an extended product line for users, and a major growth opportunity for both our business. With the inclusion of the Ecovent product line on the website, our customers will have the ability to choose between the Ecovent whole-home zoning solution and the Keen Zoning System for intelligent zoning in the home. In addition to this, it paves the way for more product offerings and smart home integrations to support our vision of making the home a sanctuary again.”

ConnectM and Keen Home will continue to operate under their own names, with their own existing branding.