Connecticut Governor on President Biden’s Address to Congress

Connecticut Governor on President Biden's Address to Congress

HARTFORD, CT (STL.News) Governor Ned Lamont released the following statement in response to the address delivered yesterday evening to a joint session of Congress by President Joe Biden:

“On the eve of the Biden-Harris administration’s first 100 days in office, I commend President Biden and Vice President Harris for the remarkable progress they’ve already made to build back better.  With 200 million vaccines administered nationwide, the American Rescue Plan Act enacted and delivering vital relief to all Americans, and with an economy already recovering lost jobs and poised for tremendous growth, it is clear that the United States is back on the right track.

“The Rescue Plan is an important and vital first step on the road to full recovery.  In Connecticut, my administration has proposed to use these federal resources to dramatically enhance our support of new families, expand high-quality childcare opportunities, reengage our students, and help small businesses recover and thrive.  But there is so much more work to do to ensure that our recovery is comprehensive, sustainable, and equitable.

“Last month, President Biden proposed the American Jobs Plan, which will turbo-charge our economy, rebuild our country’s infrastructure, create millions of good jobs, and position the United States to out-compete the world.  Tonight, President Biden proposed his American Families Plan which will ensure that everyone has a shot at the American Dream.  It proposes to make permanent investments in our children and our families by making health insurance, childcare, and education affordable for all.  Together, these plans are exactly how our nation will emerge from the global COVID-19 pandemic even stronger than before and ensure that the 21st century is defined by American innovation, ingenuity, and values.”

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