Company reopening? How to Remain Operational and Efficient Post COVID-19

TransparentBusiness offers a tool that helps companies globally to allow transparent telework

NEW YORK, New York (STL.News) Home is the new work headquarters.  This is the new reality for millions of employees around the country following the pandemic.  Even as companies begin to get the green light to open their doors, many may find that it’s more convenient and cost-efficient to keep employees working from home. One company, TransparentBusiness, is helping businesses around the globe to embrace the idea of teleworking, and they are showing them how to do it to their advantage.

“We have created the idea system that is helping companies around the world to be able to streamline their work-from-home efforts,” says Alex Konanykhin, co-founder and chief executive officer of TransparentBusiness.  “We are helping companies to embrace the idea of continuing teleworking and showing them the benefits, which include that it helps people to be more efficient and it can save the company tons of money.”

TransparentBusiness offers a comprehensive, easy-to-learn tool that helps companies to keep track of their employees’ telework efforts.  The platform offers a way for employees to be efficient, while it increases productivity, helps with organization, and allows for seamless collaboration.  This software has helped companies to remain profitable and productive through the pandemic, and will continue to do so long after it is over.

The new normal is that millions of people will continue to telework.  Companies should see this as a positive because it will help them to save a lot of money and retain better talent, and it has been shown to improve productivity when using a platform that allows for transparency.  Teleworking has also made it easier for companies to expand their offerings on a global scale.

The TransparentBusiness software also tackles the problem of employee engagement, which is an issue that many companies have been losing productivity to for years.  When people can work remotely, they are more apt to become engaged in what they are doing.  When companies are able to offer their employees the ability to work remotely, they will improve their work-life balance, helping to create employees who are more satisfied and less distracted.

“What is next for businesses globally is to continue moving toward permanent telework routes,” added Silvina Moschini, co-founder and president of TransparentBusiness.  “The pandemic may have been the catalyst that pushed companies to try telework, but there are so many benefits to it that it is going to stick around.  In order to thrive post COVID-19, businesses need to continue telework and do so in a transparent way, which is what we specialize in helping them to do.”

TransparentBusiness offers solutions to what many companies feel have been barriers to allowing remote working. The software offers such solutions as:

  • Being able to see all team members as they are working in real time. Employers don’t have to wonder if the employee is working or being productive because the software will provide them with the immediate information they need.
  • Smart management and collaboration, providing an efficient way to collaborate and offer immediate feedback.
  • Increased productivity, ensuring that every billable minute is tracked, which helps to eliminate overbilling problems.
  • Performance monitoring that includes billing and cost data for the company or for a specific team or project that is being worked on.
  • Efficient communication capabilities, including multilevel chat options.
  • The ability to manage remote workers from one central location, while receiving all of the information that is needed to verify billable hours and productivity.

TransparentBusiness has been expertly designed to cover all the bases and provide businesses with a unique solution to holding employees accountable who work remotely.  The software is available for purchase through ADP, making it easy to streamline the process of adopting its use.  It has also been designed with the same software as a business service model, making it easy to understand, efficient, and thorough, providing meaningful insight to business leaders worldwide.

Co-founded by Silvina Moschini and Alex Konanykhin, TransparentBusiness recently completed its second round of funding, for a total of $6 million. Moschini was dubbed “Miss Internet” in 2003 by Fortune, and has made hundreds of appearances on major media outlets.  Konanykhin has been referred to as the “Russian Bill Gates” and is also the founder of KMGi, an advertising company started in 1997 and known for innovation.  For more information about TransparentBusiness, visit the site: