Colorado Governor Signs Bills Into Law to Support Education

Governor Polis Signs Bills Into Law to Support Education, Health Care Workforce, Ensure Young Coloradans Get the Support Needed to Thrive

DENVER, CO (STL.News) Governor Jared Polis signed 13 bills into law to expand educators’ access to retirement benefits and create opportunities for retired educators and school staff to serve their communities, improve youth services and programs to help young Coloradans, provide support for young Coloradans with intellectual and developmental disabilities, protect crime victims and strengthen Colorado’s criminal justice system, build talent pipelines to the health care industry, and modify laws governing special districting and governing public benefit corporations.  The Governor also signed one resolution to help preserve and protect vital water resources.

Governor Polis signed the following bills:

  • SB22-014 Colorado Youth Advisory Council Updates – Representatives H. McKean | B. McLachlan, Senator D. Moreno
  • SB22-024 Intimidating A Witness Changes – Representatives D. Roberts | M. Soper, Senators R. Fields | J. Cooke
  • SB22-037 Tony Grampsas Youth Services Program – Representatives – K. Tipper | I. Jodeh, Senator D. Moreno
  • SB22-045 Modifications To Colorado Public Benefit Corporation Act – Representative S. Bird, Senator P. Lee
  • SB22-056 UNC Osteopathic Medicine Degrees – Representatives M. Young | P. Will, Senator J. Sonnenberg, Former Senator L. Garcia
  • SB22-064 Neighborhood Youth Organizations – Representatives H. McKean | C. Kipp, Senators R. Zenzinger | B. Rankin
  • SB22-091 Nonsubstantive Changes To Rule Review Statutes – Representatives L. Herod | K. Van Winkle, Senators J. Buckner | J. Cooke
  • SB22-102 Transparency Out-of-home Placements Developmental Disabilities – Representative M. Young, Senator B. Kirkmeyer
  • HB22-1057 Public Employees’ Retirement Association Employment After Teacher Retirement – Representatives M. Bradfield | B. McLachlan, Senators R. Woodward | R. Zenzinger
  • HB22-1070 Special Districts Early Childhood Development – Representative J. McCluskie, Senator B. Rankin
  • HB22-1097 Dissolution Of Special Districts – Representative D. Valdez, Senator C. Simpson
  • HB22-1099 Online Marketplaces And Third-party Sellers Representatives T. Carver | D. Roberts, Senators R. Woodward | R. Zenzinger
  • HB22-1101 Public Employees’ Retirement Association Service Retiree Employment In Rural Schools – Representatives B. McLachlan | M. Catlin, Senators J. Sonnenberg | R. Zenzinger

Governor Polis also signed SJR22-002 Water Projects Eligibility Lists – Representatives K. McCormick | M. Catlin, Senator K. Donovan