China-Taiwan tensions rise amid COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan gets worldwide support

(STL.News) Tension are escalating around the world among communities and up to the political leaders of the world as deaths increase and economic cost continue to climb due to coronavirus.  The world seeks answers as well as solutions to the the disease as well as the expense to recover the world.  The virus has shown the weakness of society, and most importantly, our governments.  Governments do not have the answers and many fear they are the primary cause of the problems.  The virus has been politicized around communities and leaders around the world.  Governments were not prepared for such an event costing millions of lives worldwide.  However, the politics continue, splitting families, communities, political parties and now economic allies around the world.

Taiwan gets worldwide support as China-Taiwan tensions rise amid COVID-19 pandemic.  Reports claim that China‘s military threatens Taiwan.

YouTube video courtesy of WION News

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