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Potential revenue sources are:

  1. Advertising spots on each category page and news article
  2. Google AdWords
  3. Press Release Distribution
  4. Sponsored Content
  5. Social Media Post
  6. Lead Generation for your advertisers
  7. Ability to create sub-news agencies for individual cities within your state
  8. Real Estate Module (coming soon)

STL.News provides the following:

  1. Training
  2. Access to your state news category on STL.News
  3. A dedicated Google+ page
  4. A dedicated Facebook page for your state news category
  5. A dedicated Twitter account
  6. A dedicated blog aggregator – for example: www.stlnewsmissouri.com
  7. Access to our news aggregator for content to publish

Your obligations as a news agency:

  1. Publish the news sources that we provide timely – this is a contractual obligation
  2. Generate local news sources from local county and city municipalities, local universities and colleges, schools sports, events, business announcements, obituaries, etc.
  3. Sell advertising for your state category pages – you control pricing

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STL.News is an online news publication. The site is highly optimized for organic search results in all major search engines search.  Additionally, our content is shown in:

  • Google News
  • Bing News
  • Apple News
  • News360.com

It is also aggregated by popular blog aggregators such as Blogarama, FeedPublish, RSS.News and more. Furthermore, our content is shared on multiple social sites.

We publish worldwide news licensed to us by the Associated Press (AP). Additionally, we have created our own proprietary sources for additional news from across the globe that is unique and not covered by major media outlets.

Because after all, what one person considers to be relevant news is not considered relevant news by others. Executive editors are burdened with the decision to report what they consider to be the most popular news ending in all news agencies reporting the same news from different perspectives.

While many might not care about Washington politics, they might care when hunting season starts in Wisconsin or whatever else you can imagine.

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