Caleb Rowden

Caleb Rowden is a Republican U.S. State Senator representing the 19th District of Boone and Copper Counties in Missouri.  Senator Rowden’s life was based in public service long before his legislative endeavors.  As a Christian, Rowden practiced his faith by participating in multiple mission trips at home and abroad.  He ministered to the people of Reynosa, Mexico, and helped to serve the homeless of Atlanta, Georgia.  In addition, Rowden made a career as a singer and songwriter for the Christian Ministry.  His music took him through nearly all of the fifty states, in addition to selling thousands of records and receiving radio airtime.  His belief in the Christian faith led him to lead a life of public service before beginning his career as a legislator, and it is that same faith that guides him as a Missouri State Senator.

Legislative History of Caleb Rowden

Rowden first began his legislative career in the Missouri State House of Representatives.  He was elected to represent the 44th District in the Missouri State House of Representatives in 2012, beating Democrat Thomas Pauley by a two-point margin of 320 votes.  In a historic feat, Rowden became the first Representative to win two former State Senators for a seat in the Missouri State House of Representatives.  From there, his popularity among his constituents grew.  In 2014 he was reelected, beating Democrat Thomas Pauley again by a twenty-six-point margin of 2,191 votes.  Making a name for himself, Rowden eventually ran for the Missouri State Senate in 2016.  Rowden beat Democrat Stephen Webber by a two-point margin of 2,156 votes to represent the 19th Senatorial District of Missouri.

Since joining the Missouri State Senate in 2016, Senator Rowden has sponsored several bills that speak to his strong belief in the Christian faith.  Rowden is a strong proponent of K – 12 education, Higher Education in the state of Missouri, and successful small business practices. In addition, he has sponsored several bills aimed at providing tax credits for small businesses and working families.  Rowden sponsored Senate Bill 615, which established the Missouri Earned Income Tax Credit Act, allowing taxpayers access to a 20% credit on their income taxes.  In addition, Rowden sponsored Senate Bill 675, which reauthorizes the Champion for Children Tax Credit.

Throughout all of his life, Caleb Rowden has emphasized helping those in need.  The various committee memberships Rowden holds, along with the number of legislative awards he has received, speak to his character.  Rowden is a member of the Appropriations Committee, the Committee on Economic Development, the Joint Committee on Education, and the Chairman of the Committee on Government Reform.

Present – Caleb Rowden

Currently, Rowden and his family own a wedding photography business based in Columbia, Missouri.  Senator Rowden also owns a media and marketing company called Clarius Interactive.  Rowden and his wife, Aubrey, are happy to raise their son William Keane in the state of Missouri, where they can be confident that Senator Rowden will never lose sight of his faith and will continue to help and serve his constituents passionately throughout his tenure in the Missouri State Senate.

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