Boston Police Arrested Suspects After Trespassing on Construction Site

Boston, MA (STL.News) About 8:03pm on Monday, August 11, 2020, Officers from District D-4 responded to a radio call to Investigate Premise at 660 Beacon Street, Boston.

Officers received information that multiple 911 calls had been received for a group of individuals who had entered a construction site at 660 Beacon Street and proceeded to the roof of the building, where they hung a banner from the CITGO sign that is mounted on the roof of the building.  This premise is clearly labeled as an active construction site, and it is surrounded by a wire construction fence.

Upon arrival, the officers observed a group near the base of the CITGO sign.  Officers were informed that the group had raised a banner that read “CLIMATE CHANGE NOW” over the “CITGO”, and had subsequently removed it after it hung for about 20 minutes.  Due to the group being on the roof of an active construction site, officers requested additional assistance to ensure that all subjects could descend safely.

The following suspects were taken into custody and charged with Trespassing and Disturbing the Peace:

  • James Comiskey, 30 of Roxbury, MA
  • Jason Rudokas, 43 of Arlington, MA
  • Allen McGonagill, 30 of Somerville, MA
  • Seward Ogden, 60 Putnam, VT
  • Thomas Davis, 35 of Cambridge, MA
  • Alexander Chambers, 21 of Boylston, MA
  • William Livernois, 24 of Newnan, GA
  • Johannes Vulto, 60 of Brookline, MA

A 57 year-old female from Putney, VT, and a 56 year-old female from Brooklyn, NY were summoned to court for charges of Trespassing and Disturbing the Peace.  All suspects expected to be arraigned in Roxbury District Court.