Biden says $1,400 payments to most Americans – start this month

Biden says $1,400 payments to most Americans can start to go out this month as Senate passes the bill.

(STL.News) U.S. President Joe Biden said on Saturday that the Senate passage of his $1.9 trillion coronavirus aid bill means that $1,400 payments to most Americans will start to go out this month. The bill’s provisions will also speed up manufacturing and distribution of vaccines.

The final bill includes $400 billion in one-time payments of $1,400 to most Americans, $300 a week in extended jobless benefits for the 9.5 million people thrown out of work in the crisis, and $350 billion in aid to state and local governments that have seen the pandemic blow a hole in their budgets.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said that the House would vote Tuesday on the Senate-passed bill in a tweet.  The House’s passage would be sent to Biden, who hopes to sign the bill before enhanced jobless benefits expire on March 14.

The Senate voted 50-49, with no Republicans supporting what would be one of the largest stimulus packages in U.S. history.

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