Bell-Brown Medical Institute

Bell-Brown Medical Institute – Medical Training School

Bell-Brown Medical Institute – Medical Training School

Florissant, MO: (STL.News) – Bell-Brown Medical Institute is a medical training school that was founded in February 2016, by two women who have dedicated their lives to the medical field and education.

They have worked hands on in the fields that they teach and know exactly what the industry is needing.  The programs offered at Bell-Brown Medical Institute are Phlebotomy training, Patient Care Technician and EKG training.  These programs are offered at a very affordable price. The founders of Bell-Brown Medical Institute decided to create a school that they like to refer to as “Economy Needed Education”?  Bell Brown Medical Institute will bring hi-tech learning in a hands-on field ensuring that upon successful completion of the programs you are not only Nationally Certified in your field but you will also be BLS CPR/Bloodborne Pathogen certified as well.

Bell-Brown Medical Institute has recognized 2 very important deterrents that most people have when it comes to furthering their education:

  1. Time
  2. Money

Time.  We have constructed a schedule that allows today’s learner to attend classes only 2 days a week, with flexible time frames, morning, afternoon, evening and weekend classes.  Programs can be completed in weeks or months (depending on the program of study).  90% of learning techniques are hands on, the student learns in real time actual procedures, this advantage is a confidence builder in perfecting their skill set.

Money.  Bell-Brown Medical Institute leaves the student DEBT FREE, the program cost is designed so that the student can pay as they go with easy option payment plans.  The program cost is designed to let you earn back what you have spent on your program in 1 or 2 paychecks.  A student graduate of Bell-Brown Medical Institute leaves knowing that they have had A-1 education, no lingering finances to pay back and 100% supported in tracking down the job leads YOU want.

Bell-Brown Medical Institute is in a 2,500-square foot space in the Villa Del Cresta strip mall, in Florissant, MO, which has plenty of parking and is well lit.  We are also on every bus line.  Our facility is new to you, but the faculty is not new to education or healthcare.  Jessica Bell Barrera and Jackie Brown Brooks combined have over 20 years in the healthcare field and 15 years in the education industry, educating thousands of students throughout the metropolitan area, we have also developed great rapport with many industry professionals based on our knowledge and professionalism.

Bell-Brown Medial Institute is taking the extra steps to try and help their students find employment in their field of choice ( although no school can guarantee employment).  Bell-Brown founders are using their professional connects in the healthcare field by reaching out to H.R. partners in very well-known places to take a look at our curriculum base and making sure it aligns with what they want their staff to be well trained in so that when you apply as a graduate from Bell-Brown Medical Institute they know you have been fully trained in the industry standard that they require.  Bell-Brown Medical Institute is also teaching students how to use and upload video resumes, which is just one example of our hi-tech training which is very important these days.

Bell-Brown Medical Institute encourages anyone who is interested in a career in the medical field to take a look at our program and all we have to offer.  We are also listed on the Missouri Department of Higher Education as an institution that will accept transfer credits from Missouri College students.


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