Bell Brown Medical Institute Offers Free Tuition for Displaced Vatterott Students

Bell Brown Medical Institute, Medical students
Bell Brown Medical Institute, Medical students

Many students are devastated by the abrupt closing of many large for-profit schools in Saint Louis and the surrounding area. Most recently, Vatterott Colleges around the city closed its doors on students with no warning. Bell Brown Medical Institute, located in Florissant, Missouri, is offering free tuition for any medical assistant students that were displaced by the closure of Vatterott on Monday.

Jackie Brooks, Campus President at Bell Brown is concerned with the detrimental reputation closures like this do to the private school community. “Trade schools are filling huge gaps in a skilled trade. Our schools enable low-income and working-class students from all backgrounds, including many who are non-traditional, to gain practical, skills-based training that takes a quarter of the time and tuition cost a traditional college would require, which pays a living wage at entry level and without leaving the student without any debt.” Jackie continues by saying, “Bell Brown is female owned and operated. We are different than the large corporate-owned private schools. We are dedicated to serving our students and a diverse community. This also means reaching out to students displaced by the Vatterott closure and offering them a way to complete their training.”

While not all colleges are as reputable as the latter, it does mean that students should investigate the institution they are interested in applying it. Student referrals, years of operation and overall stability should be a determining factor in choosing any technical school. Shopping for education is the most important purchase in your life and should be thoroughly considered.

Bell Brown Medical Institute’s Deans of students Jessica Saylor commented, “Bell Brown Medical Institute offers multiple national certifications included in the program, which other trade schools do not provide.” When pressed on the reputation of their programs she noted that they have a partnership with Southern Illinois University –  Edwardsville and coordinate closely with BJC health systems for placement and externships. They provide Career coaches and maintain a job portal which is updated weekly with premium job picks and preferred placement opportunities from an established network of healthcare providers. Ms. Saylor says, “Bell Brown has a mission to change the lives and minds of individuals who seek a better career. We feel an obligation to help the students of these large corporate private schools that let them down by offering an alternative with us so they can complete their goals. We are here to send a message that private vocational schools are not all bad and that skilled trade has a huge place in the job market.”

Students can call 877-219-5420 or visit their website at for more information.