Attract Your Audience With 5 Lead Capture Tools

(STL.News) Advertising with a link to the site or landing page helps attract the audience. But if the product isn’t bought immediately, you can consider that the budget is wasted: the user has visited the page, the advertiser has paid for the click, but there is no result.  To bring the user closer to the order, tools for capturing leads will help. These are the main ones.

A lead capture tool is a form on a website where users leave their contacts in exchange for a bonus or the opportunity to use the service.  In other words, users turn from anonymous users into subscribers and end up in the advertiser’s database.

The amount of data the form will collect and its type depends on the advertiser’s goal.  For example:

  • Only email: for a product with a short transaction cycle (when a discount may affect the sale) or to further warm up the audience.
  • A phone number and name: for a complex product, such as manufacturing equipment, so sales managers can call customers and offer customized terms.  You can also ask users to leave an email to send email newsletters.
  • Special data: for the demo version of your product or when verifying a new account at the trusted National Casino.  Most likely, you will need the user’s full name, phone number, email, and card data.

Top 5 Lead Capture Tools

Callback Form

It makes life easier for customers: they do not need to call the company and wait for a specialist to answer; just leave your phone number – the sales team will call back himself.  The business owner, in turn, is guaranteed to get contact with a potential customer and does not have to worry about missing a call.

This type of lead capture tool works best for topics where the user makes a quick decision, such as online technology stores, and where transactions occur through managers, such as operators in delivery service or sales department in cloud solutions services.

Online Chat

It is most often minimized and located at the bottom corner of the site.  It usually says “Write to us” or “Contact us.”  To open the chat, the user clicks on the form and enters his details.  This usually asks for the user’s name, phone number, and email in case the person doesn’t answer the call.

Subscription Form

It collects the contacts of those who are not yet ready to place an order but are thinking about it.  Those who have left contacts can be sent emails with news and promotions.

A subscription form is suitable for companies that regularly update their assortment or actively create expert content – you can share blog articles, webinar recordings, or news digests in your emails.

Quiz or Survey

This lead capture tool looks like a form with text or a pop-up. It can be a quiz, survey, test, etc.  The user answers the questions, leaves data, and gets quiz results or a bonus for doing so. Its advantage is that users don’t have to fill in dozens of fields, and communication is conducted in game form.

Website Registration Form

Visitors don’t have to register on the site to explore it.  But registration gives privileges: no need to re-enter data each time, and it is possible to join a loyalty program if it is provided.  Such forms can be seen in online stores and other companies with a bonus system.