Attention America – Drill Oil – Become the Worlds Supplier

Drill Oil – America needs to return to energy independence – National Average Gasoline Price is $4.17 – these prices are recessionary.

(STL.News) Russia is threatening Europe’s oil supply in retaliation for ending the Nord Stream pipeline.  Biden could go down in history for saving the world and positioning it as a world energy leader.  Do not redirect the green agenda, but delay it and reposition it to restructure the energy policies of the world.  Leverage all types of energy productions and invest funds into advancing all kinds of energy technologies.

How can Washington miss this?  This is deeply concerning as savvy billionaires like Elon Musk, who has made billions with a green agenda, are supporting oil independence for America.  So, why is Washington missing this?

National Average Gasoline Prices: $4.17, up .10 from yesterday and up .55 from one week ago, according to AAA.

This will continue until Washington changes their plan.  The question is; what is their agenda?

Now is NOT the time to attempt reinventing the energy industry.  Instead, it is time to protect America, the world, and our national security by turning back to energy independence on any other country.

If Washington does not react prudently, a recession will occur, and it could reach levels this generation has never experienced.  This could be the beginning of the end for the US.  Unfortunately, political agendas are preventing the US from succeeding.