Arizona Realtor Josh Whittemore Offers Spring Selling Tips



Regardless of whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market, inventory usually rises in spring. “This is the time of year when buyers come out in droves due to this increased inventory, as well as warmer weather and more daylight hours in which to view homes,” said Whittemore.

To better ensure one’s home sells this spring, Whittemore shares the following five tips:

No. 1: Staging. “You can maximize your home’s appeal by hiring a professional stager,” noted Whittemore. “Staging can include rearranging your own furniture or adding additional furniture and accessories.”

No. 2: Get a house inspection. “Do this before even listing your home,” stressed Whittemore. “If you do you will know of any issues that need to be fixed and can fix them ahead of time, as potential buyers will view any damages to a home as an added expense and may pass on your home if it is in need of major repairs.”

No. 3: Enhance curb appeal. “In spring, after cleaning out the dead debris of winter, it is crucial to keep your lawn and bushes maintained when showing your house,” added Whittemore. “I also recommend planting flowers, keeping in mind that yellow flowers stimulate buying urges. Additionally, a fresh coat of paint can go a long way toward making a house look new.”

No. 4: Bring spring inside. Setting out aromatic flowers and opening the windows can give the interior a spring-like feel. “Open your windows and bring in the sunshine and fresh air,” said Whittemore.

No. 5: Declutter. Getting rid of the clutter in a home for sale is also critical as potential buyers want to get a feel of how they will live in the house and not see how you lived in it. Before showing the house, take time to rid it of unnecessary items.

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