Amortization Calc Releases Official Mortgage Payment Calculator for Mortgage Repayment Estimations



Amortization Calc, a popular mortgage, loan, and payment configuration platform, working to provide people everywhere with quick and accurate estimates for life’s biggest purchases, this week announced they have released their latest calculator: the Mortgage Payment Calculator.

Now a conveniently available resource that will help simplify the financial implications involved in mortgage financing, the Mortgage Payment Calculator requires just four different pieces of information to generate today’s mortgage rates.

“Too many times, loan officers and lenders can be incredibly vague when it comes to something as important and expensive as a mortgage, which is why we want to provide people with instant access to the mortgage payment estimates they deserve,” said Michael Schindler, Founder and Owner of Amortization Calc. “Our new calculation tool provides people with an easier approach to mortgage loans, breaking them down by type, payment amount, interest rate, and loan term.”

Upon viewing the calculator, users are prompted to input the home mortgage or loan type, followed by the credit amount, preferred loan term, and interest rate. Once done, they simply click “check today’s mortgage rates,” and it calculates answers that will finally provide some peace of mind to home buyers.

“Not only will this tool bring buyers comfort as they finally look at the real mortgage numbers, it will also help buyers figure out a budget and payment plan for themselves and their families,” said Schindler. “We’re helping people everywhere avoid accumulating substantial debt while preparing properly for future loan payments.”

Additional loan calculators available through Amortization Calc include loan calculators, mortgage calculators, and refinance calculators with amortization schedules. Amortization Calc does note that since the mortgage calculator does not include taxes or insurance, the results should be used to estimate repayments.

For more information, or to use the mortgage payment calculator tool today, visit: