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Major Shift in America’s Eating Habits – Dining Out

More People Dining Out

ST LOUIS, MO/January 20, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) Has cooking meals at home become a thing of the past?  More than any other year, 2016 proved to show a major shift in the way we eat as a whole.  Last year Americans spent over $54 billion at bars and restaurants while only spending $52 billion on groceries.  The long-standing dependence on grocery stores is finally starting to diminish considerably.  So, the answer would seem to be yes!

Several factors are responsible for the changing trends.  For one thing, the packed lunch just isn’t popular like it used to be.  Many more women are in the workforce today, workers have left the farms and factories for jobs in more urban areas, and the growing number of young Millennials are more likely to eat out at least a couple times a day.

Restaurants have also made eating out fun and more convenient.  Most people don’t have much time for their lunch breaks and restaurants are making it much quicker to get in and out.  Long gone are the days of cafeteria style eating, and these days many restaurants are offering homemade-style lunches.  Another perk is that you can now eat out without breaking the bank.

It also used to be that people were afraid to eat out too much in fear of gaining weight.  After all, in the past it was easier to purchase wholesome ingredients and cook healthier meals that were lower in calories at home.  Today most restaurants have caught on and realize that like it or not, we’re living in a much more health conscious society today.

Customers want tasty food cooked and served to them, but they still want to be able to leave the restaurant feeling that they haven’t strayed too far from their diet.  That’s why nowadays it’s rare to go into a restaurant and not find a special section that says light menu.  Many are now starting to list calorie counts by certain items and meals, which really makes it easier for those who are dieting or are diabetic to be able to eat out guilt free.

So, with more restaurants popping up everywhere and more busy people with less and less free time for cooking, it looks like the “eating out trend” is here to stay.


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