Algerians keep up pressure after president’s half-concession

ALGIERS, Algeria (AP) — Algerian students are protesting President Abdelaziz Bouteflika‘s decision to delay presidential elections indefinitely.

Bouteflika’s announcement Monday to withdrew his candidacy for a fifth term cheered his opponents.

But on Tuesday, there was more skepticism over his decision to delay an April 18 election without setting a new date, which opponents say could leave him in power indefinitely
Protesters question Bouteflika’s fitness for office after a 2013 stroke that has left him largely hidden from public view. They’re also angry at the gas-rich country’s power structure seen as secretive and corrupt.

Many protesters are now demanding that Bouteflika step down April 18 instead of waiting for a new vote.

Student protests started Tuesday in Algiers and are planned in other cities, and nationwide protests are expected Friday.

BAssociated Press