Alaska News: Legislature Sends Bill Strengthening Ethics Rules, Limiting Per Diem to Governor’s Desk

JUNEAU, AK – The Alaska Legislature on Friday evening finalized legislation that strengthens conflict of interest rules and makes it so lawmakers will not receive per diem after 121 days in legislative session unless an operating budget has passed.

That aspect of House Bill 44 is similar to one of Governor Bill Walker’s legislative proposals.  The version that passed also establishes a definition of conflict of interest that includes a legislator’s immediate family and employer, prohibits lobbyists from buying alcohol for legislators, and requires lawmakers to declare any conflicts of interest before acting on legislation in committees.

“I thank the Legislature for responding in a meaningful way to the outcry for additional restrictions on per diem and improvements to ethics rules,” Governor Bill Walker said.  “These changes would not have been made without the leadership of Representative Jason Grenn and Representative Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, who championed the principles of good governance in HB 44 and in a related ballot measure.”


SOURCE: news provided by GOV.ALASKA.GOV