Alaska: Anthony Lee Herring Indicted for Shooting Five People

Anchorage, AK  Last Friday, an Anchorage grand jury indicted 21 year-old Anthony Lee Herring for shooting five people on June 19, 2021 in Anchorage.  Herring was indicted on one count of first-degree murder, two counts of second-degree murder, four counts of attempted first-degree murder, one count of first-degree weapons misconduct, four counts of first-degree assault, and one count of evidence tampering.

If convicted at trial, Herring face sentences of up to 99 years imprisonment for each of the murder and attempted murder charges, 20 years imprisonment for each of the first-degree weapons misconduct and first-degree assault charges, and up to 5 years for the evidence tampering charge.

These charges are only allegations and are not evidence of guilt.  Defendants are presumed innocent and are entitled to a fair trial at which the prosecution must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Herring is currently in the custody of the Department of Corrections.  He is scheduled to be arraigned before the Superior Court in Anchorage on July 13, 2021.