Zelensky: ‘We are standing, we are resisting’

Zelensky addresses the nation: ‘We are standing, we are resisting.’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, on March 3, promised Ukrainians that damage to infrastructure inflicted by invading Russian forces would be repaired and that Moscow would foot the bill.

‘We are standing; we resist; the whole world is helping.  If anyone thinks Ukrainians are in fear and will lay down their weapons, they must know Ukrainians will resist,’ he said in a taped speech.

Note: Where is America?  Sanctions are not going to save lives in the next few days.  Sanctions will escalate Putins’ anger and frustration and likely retaliate against more Ukrainian people.  This is a war.  All countries need to fight to defend democracy.  This is a war of communism v democracy.  Putin is putting everything at risk to accomplish a predetermined plan.  Please make no mistake that he has more plans and support from other countries.  Ignoring the situation will not be a prudent solution.  Nobody wants a war.  But it is here!  We hope America has plans that have not been disclosed.  That is always possible.