UK Sending Lethal Harpoon Missiles to Ukraine

UK To Send Lethal Harpoon Missiles To Ukraine – Will It Help Counter Putin’s Warships In Black Sea?

The UK will send lethal anti-ship missile Harpoon to Ukraine as part of its latest military aid.  They can be used against Russian warships that have been shelling Ukrainian cities regularly.  The Harpoon missiles will also help Ukraine break the Russian Navy’s siege of its Black Sea ports.

NOTE: Another weak political attempt to resolve the problem with Russia/Putin.  World leaders are weak and scared but attempting to be politically correct.  Their weakness is sad!  Putin and Russia need to be removed as a threat to any country.  This could happen, but political leaders have either lied about their military strengths in the past or are weak-minded individuals incapable of doing the correct thing.  Ukraine is begging for no-fly zone skies, and innocent people are dying daily as politicians play political games.

World leaders made severe mistakes regarding COVID, and now their mistakes regarding Ukraine will have a further negative impact on societies around the globe.  This is NOT a prediction!  We are watching this happen in real-time.  Why can’t leaders see the same thing?