Sri Lanka cabinet reshuffle amid rising public anger

Will the events occurring in Sri Lanka occur in other parts of the world?  We think so!  You can be sure of one thing; the economic fallout from COVID will be seen for years to come.

Sri Lanka’s president has appointed a new 17-member cabinet in an attempt to tackle the worst economic crisis in decades.  Meanwhile, hundreds of protesters have started a three-day, 35-mile march to the capital, Colombo.

NOTE: This same situation will likely occur in other parts of the world as the economic repercussions surface from the COVID lockdowns.  The lockdowns were too political and financially damaging as countries’ debt rises, inflation is spiraling out of control, and workers are not returning to work for whatever reasons.  As a result, small businesses continue to struggle, and governments continue spending money they borrow, which has created an unprecedented level of inflation that they are not qualified to manage.

The world needs to monitor each country to learn from the mistakes made by others.  The first thing that needs to happen is to end the lockdowns.  Secondly, people need to be forced to return to work so businesses can survive.  Thirdly, all countries need competent and socially responsible world leaders that are not corrupt.

Attention Young People: You have to work!  It is part of the economic system.  Businesses make money from selling products and services.  They need employees to do that.  Governments cannot continue to borrow money to support those who do not want to work using COVID to avoid social responsibilities.  The world needs to return to the norm ASAP.  Even if everybody returned to work TODAY, most countries will still face a terrible economic crisis caused by the lockdowns and changes in human behavior.