Russia threatens to cut gas supplies to Europe via Nord stream 1

Russia threatened to cut natural gas supplies to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline as part of its response to sanctions imposed over the invasion of Ukraine.

NOTE: The USA could use this as an opportunity to save Europe and release them from their energy dependency on Russia.  Are we stupid?  Apparently, so!  Nonetheless, Russia is getting desperate to control Europe and the world, when the fact is that the world could and should control Russia.

Putin has no limits now.  He has boxed himself in a corner, and he has to see this plan through to the end.  Nobody should trust him or expect intelligent decisions going forward.  This is an opportunity to restructure society and free the world from a communist tyrant.  He will die or win and change the world.  Washington needs to stop being political and make good decisions.  This is not a Ukraine problem; it is a world problem.  If we fail to make good decisions, America will fall!  China is making threats.  We can expect them to make a move to Taiwan in the future.

Why is Washington afraid to make the right decisions?  Elon Musk has made billions from his green agenda.  Musk confirms that we should drill oil.  This hurts his plan, but he is smart enough to know that we need to drill to protect America.  What is Washington NOT telling us?