Ghost of Kyiv – Pilot Shot Down 6 Russian Jets

Ghost of Kyiv: Did an ace Ukrainian fighter pilot shoot down 6 Russian jets amid invasion?

Who is ‘The Ghost of Kyiv’?  A video has gone viral on social media in which a fighter aircraft can be seen shooting down another in a dogfight.  The video was shared by a Twitter user named Oleg 21, claiming the pilot shot 6 Russian fighter jets.  The tweet read, “Ukrainian pilot who is 6-0 shoots down a Russian Su-35 with his Mig-29.  He’s been nicknamed the ghost of Kyiv and is the first pilot since WW2 to achieve ace status!”  The same video was posted by several social media users claiming it shows a Ukrainian fighter jet.  The ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ is being dubbed as the first ace fighter pilot since World War II.

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