EU members dash on Ukraine membership

Ukraine under attack: European Union leaders dashes Ukraine’s membership hopes

In the recent summit of European Union leaders, the hope for Ukraine’s membership in the EU has been dashed out.

NOTE: The world criticizes Russia’s invasion and supports Ukraine, but the world is not lending the help to end the current war because of fears created by Putin’s nuclear threats.  However, other countries have nuclear weapons as well.  Putin needs to be stopped holding the world hostages as it is exposing world leaders’ weakness.  American influence and threats can help end this war, but Washington does what Washington does, spend money to fix nothing.

The world can expect the war to continue for months or years, and Americans can expect much higher gas prices as inflation increases.  The world needs to get used to watching innocent civilians die.  Politicians are scared, but they feel secure, so they will continue to appear politically correct, but they will not do what is necessary to end the current events.