AbbVie Launches Let Me Be Clear to Empower People with Psoriasis to Speak Up and Seek Freedom from Their Disease

(STL.News) – AbbVie (NYSE: ABBV), a research-based global biopharmaceutical company, today announced the launch of Let Me Be Clear, an empowerment platform for people living with psoriasis.  The initiative, which launches on World Psoriasis Day, invites people living with psoriasis to share their story, discuss what freedom from psoriasis would mean to them and access tools to have clear and informed conversations with their physicians.

“Recent medical advancements have made significant improvements in reducing the impact of psoriasis for many people; however, far too many continue to settle for less,” said Dominik Hochli, vice president, global medical affairs, AbbVie.  “We are excited to launch Let Me Be Clear, to help patients recognize the power of their own voice towards getting the best care possible.”

Impacting more than 125 million people worldwide, psoriasis is a chronic immune-mediated condition with a significant burden on all aspects – physical, emotional and psychological – of daily life.  Despite the availability of different management options, many patients remain undertreated or dissatisfied with their care because their psoriasis is not adequately controlled.

People with psoriasis play a central role in their disease management, including speaking openly and honestly with their physician about how their care regimen is helping them move towards a life free from the daily burden of their disease.  Let Me Be Clear provides a platform where people living with psoriasis can share their experiences and inspire each other not to settle for a lower quality of life.  Additionally, Let Me Be Clear features actionable information and an interactive guide to help people with psoriasis understand their disease, learn about their care options and feel confident discussing goals with their physician.

“The mission of Let Me Be Clear is personal for me because I know firsthand the power of sharing your story and being your own advocate,” said Lianne Hunter, psoriasis patient advocate and Let Me Be Clear supporter.  “My psoriasis used to stop me from doing a lot of things, including socializing and enjoying life.  One of the biggest ways I was able to overcome that was through connecting with other people like me.  The first time I built up the confidence to share my story online, I received such a strong, positive reaction from others living with psoriasis, reaching out to tell me that I gave them the courage to do the same.  It’s so important for people living with psoriasis to have a place where they can share their experiences and encourage each other, but also have access to tools that empower them to advocate for the best psoriasis care.”