A New Lifesaving Product Is Introduced to Promote Heart Health

Largo, FL – December 26, 2018 – An exciting new product is about to enter the marketplace.  The “Aspirin Life Saver” (ALS) was developed to hold an aspirin and other important medications so a person will always have them at hand.  This unique pill container on a keychain may possibly save your life or that of others.

Tom Gohn has spent over a year creating this product after suffering a massive heart attack that could have claimed his life.  If it weren’t for an aspirin under his tongue and CPR, he may have died.  You can read his story on the ALS website, www.alsaver.com.

A GoFundMe campaign is in place to offer businesses and individuals an opportunity to invest in the Aspirin Life Saver.  It makes for a great corporate giveaway or may be sold in retail locations.  There is an area on the container that is left blank for a company’s logo. We would love your support to help save lives.

Tom Gohn
[email protected]