A Brief Guide on Beer Types

(STL.News) An average of 30% of Canadians are beer lovers, and more than 100 amazing breweries in Vancouver offer a wide range of ales, stouts, lagers, and pilsners brewed locally.  In fact, Metro Vancouver alone has close to 77 breweries making it the city with the maximum number of breweries in Canada.  If you are a newcomer to the beer world, you should be aware that there are numerous types of beer.  Asking for a beer from a bartender isn’t going to ensure that you receive the best gastronomic experience at a brewery Vancouver.

Here’s a refresher for all your fundamental beer choosing needs so that you can take on your brewery hopping trip with confidence.

Ales and Lager are Beer’s Two Kings

There are just two varieties of beer: ale and lager, even though there are numerous sub-styles.  All the others branch off from there.  The yeast used and the brew temperature is the fundamental variations between ales and lagers.  Ales are brewed somewhere around 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit using Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the yeast employed in fresh bread.  Lagers are prepared using Saccharomyces pastorianus and brewed between 45 and 55 degrees.

When it comes to the beers’ taste pallet, ales, like the 1897 Amber Ale, are full-bodied and have a sweet aroma.  Lagers like the Hollow Tree Lager and Electro Lager are clean and crisp, making them ideal for hot days.


The abbreviation “IPA” stands for “India Pale Ale.” A bitter (in the best sense) hop wallop and more significant alcohol by volume (ABV), usually about 7%, distinguish these unique beers.  Dry-hopping is a technique used by IPA brewers to add hops to a brewed beer for added flavor rather than adding them to the mash.

Although IPAs come in a wide range of styles, they are generally divided into New England IPAs and West Coast IPAs.  Although each variety developed on its coast, a brewery in Vancouver can and does make both.


Pilsners are light-colored lagers known for their delicate crisp note.  Pilsner beers are remarkably well-balanced because they are made with light-colored regional Pilsner malt and a bottom-fermenting native yeast.

Stouts and Porters

Both stouts and porters are dark ales made with barley.  Stouts are descendants of porters.  When brewers began experimenting with porter recipes, stouts emerged.

The most significant distinction is that stouts are prepared using roasted, unmalted barley, while porters are brewed with malted barley.

Craft Beer

It refers to the liquid gold of smaller, generally autonomously operated breweries.  Like “local” and “native,” craft refers to a smaller-scale artistic brew with strong ties to the local culture and often includes ingredients from the brewery’s location.  Although many craft brewers are known for various styles, “craft” does not imply a particular type of beer.

Final Thoughts

Beer is one of the most refreshing and social drinks in the world.  With the advent of craft beer brewers, the taste and experience of beers have been catapulted to the next level.  With the knowledge of various beers available, you can confidently order your beer and play around with different types to find your next favorite drink.