8 Surprising Facts About Popular Song Artists

Most of the time we’re too caught up with the music and rhythm to focus on the lyrics.  But when the lyrics suddenly hit you, do you ever wonder about the artist and what they went through to score so close to home?

Read on for some surprising facts about popular song artists, you’ll be astonished!

1. Trisha Yearwood: A Singer, Chef, Wife and Step-mother!

Turns out, the talented country singer has much more than meets the eyes.  Perhaps “She’s In Love With a Boy”, yet working as a singer, a wife to a very loving and supporting husband, and a stepmom to three beautiful daughters.  But what’s even more amazing, is her very successful career as a Chef – she’s had two bestselling cookbooks, and is already on her fourth season of Trisha’s Southern Kitchen.  If you’re curious to know how she’s able to make the best out of the two worlds, click here for some inspiration.

2. Lady Gaga’s Debut Song “Just Dance” Was Written In Only 10 Minutes

Lady Gaga, Popular Song Artists

It all started with the debuting song “Just Dance” in 2008, which sold over 10 million copies and got the 6x Platinum certification from Canada.  Almost eleven years later, Lady Gaga is an Oscar-Winning celebrity who has given us some of the best music of all time.  But can you believe that she’d written “Just Dance” in only 10 minutes?

3. Shawn Mendes: 3rd Youngest Artist To Hit the Billboard Chart With 3 Number 1 Albums

He got a feeling that he’s going under, but he knew he’ll make it out alive.  And he did, breaking a record of three number one albums hitting the Billboard chart. Currently 20 years of age, he is the third youngest artist to have able able to do that, right after Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.

4. Bruno Mars, aka Peter Gene Hernandez

Originally born Peter Gene Hernandez, Bruno Mars took loving oneself just the way you are on a whole new level.  “Bruno” was the nickname he got as a kid, growing up to be chubby and similar in looks to Bruno Sammartino the wrestler.  And Mars?  Well, turns out the girls have always thought of him as “out of this world”.  Bruno Mars, just the way he is.

5. Too Famous For School? Meet Kanye West

Sometimes being too talented in more than one area doesn’t work out for you as you’d expect it to be.  Ask Kanye West the well-known rapper.  Wanting to pursue his talents as a fashion designer, in which he found himself to be really successful, he was turned down by Central Saint Martins:  The world’s leading fashion school.  The reason?  He was “too famous”. Smh.

6. Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” Was the First Rap Song Ever To Win an Oscar for Best Original Song

What happens when you lose yourself a little too much while watching cartoons with your daughter?  For Eminem, it meant missing out on his Oscars.  He actually fell asleep watching cartoons, he never thought he’d make it!’


7. Madonna: Not Your Typical Dunkin Donuts Crew Member

Dunkin Donuts, Previous Madonna Employer

Superstar Madonna wasn’t born a superstar.  In fact, she used to work at Dunkin Donuts, and even got fired from her job.  She just couldn’t help it when a customer was asking to get jelly squirted on him.

8. When White Noise Hits Number 1, It Has To Be Taylor Swift’s

We’re not even talking about a leaked version of a new song for the most famous pop artist.  There was that one time when Taylor Swift uploaded 8 seconds of white noise -by accident- into iTunes.  Can you guess what immediately went to Number 1 on Canadian iTunes?

Between Fame and Humans

It’s easy to forget that all of those famous and outstanding superstars are also human, and that they have their human moments too from time to time.  But when you put your heart, mind and soul into your work just as they do, life starts to become a little more exciting.  And if you think you know your favorite singer well enough, think again.  They’ll always have one more story to keep you surprised!